ELITE STANDARD Examination roll Plastic + Paper Heat sealing


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Examining Plasticized roll with heat bonding, 100% pure chemical pulp, waterproof, absorbent and with high strength capacity, has perforations every 38cm for easy cutting.

This particular roll consists of a sheet of medical-grade polyethylene (PE), which is located at the bottom of the roll, and a sheet of paper of excellent quality and strength, which is located at the top of the roll. The plastic sheet through its high density and structure ensures the waterproofing of the roll, in order for the liquids that may occur during the medical examination not to soil the medical bed.

The paper sheet ensures the efficient absorption of liquids and offers a feeling of comfort and cleanliness to the examined patient. The two sheets have been uniformly welded together with a special heat sealing technique in order to ensure the integrity of the product (that the two sheets will not be detached) even under conditions pressure or special use. Each test roll is individually shrunk for better product protection. It is ideal for medical facilities, clinics and hospitals, beauty centers, etc.

Dimensions: 50cm x 50m


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